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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2010 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> good afternoon, commissioners. aaron ferc's. san francisco green party. first on the note that was just sent. i would strongly recommend something that some advocates have been pushing for a lot that might help avoid the kind of a road block we have right now, and that is the two main firms. both are being hired by lafco, one by puc, that our experts in cca are navigant and local power. many of us have pushed hard to have those firms, who know this process, draft the rfp first. i can envision, had that advice been heeded by the sfpuc, we
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would probably have much more robust rfp's and rso's. that may get us into a situation in the future where we do not have to do follow-up with the bidders. and on that note, i recognize, as chairman for restated, that the budget is tight. -- kercher mirkarimi stated, that the budget is tight. however, having a buildup of local nobles and efficiencies is one the best hedges against market risk, against the battling pg&e on market price. a couple years ago, some of us advocates pointed out, we need to do a few hundred thousands of work -- a few hundred thousand dollars of work, but we need to do some preparatory work first. i would strongly urge lafco to put that on the next agenda.
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we need to start that works so that we can get ahead of the game with pg&e, and not be in the situation that we were a couple meetings ago. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i do not believe we have any action items before us. commissioner campos? supervisor campos: i am wondering with respect to item 2, if we could excuse commissioner avalos who had to be at an event in his district. i just wanted to make sure that we could make that happen. supervisor campos: not a problem. motion from supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor schmeltzer. any action on these particular items? i do not think there is.
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we will continue these items to the call of the chair. next item please. >> item 6. update on related issues from the san francisco department of the environment. >> i am actually going to call up a colleague from sf environment, who will update you on some of the program that they did this summer. i will yield the floor to her and annie -- answer any question that you might have. >> i am with the san francisco department of the environment. we collaborated with lafco on some of the grassroots canvassing efforts to get the word out to the public on what clean power sf was, and really to put a face to the program. we run a job-training program called environment now with the department of environment. it grew out of the stimulus program and we have now staff of
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about 18 people who are basically the eyes and years, the mouthpiece of the department of environment, doing a lot of our grass-roots conversations. i think of the effort we participated in, combating the negative press that was going on about clean power sf, bringing a real person to people's homes to answer questions, let them know that the program was coming down the pike, and being able to point them in the direction of more information. so over the summer, -- we started in march and went through the summer. we visited over 6000 homes giving out fliers. we had about 4000 conversations with residents. for the most part positive.
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we did have some concerns over prices and things like that. of course, we were not able to provide pricing information. we also visited many of the business corridors in that area and spoke to about 300 different businesses, explaining the benefits of a business owner participating. it seemed like a good opportunity to get residents some of -- information that they may not have been getting on the television or in the mail they were receiving at home. those are all of my comments. happy to take questions that you may have about our efforts. supervisor mirkarimi: any comments or questions? seeing none, thank you for all the good work that you have done at the department of environment. by far, our work is not done.
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anything further? >> one thing to add. it was a success of program -- successful program. when i was doing community meetings, i was getting good feedback. the one thing we have coming into next year, if we want to do under the program like this, the money has dried up and we would need to find money within our own budget to hire these people. it is something that we are looking into to figure out how we can make it happen. it was a useful way to get the information out to the public. supervisor mirkarimi: and as everyone is doing, we are working with limited resources, having to conserve considerably what resources we have. what about a campaign on seeking volunteers, in turns, who might want to share the challenge -- interns, people who might want
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to share the challenge? >> we have had a couple people signed up already joining us at street fairs, doing some of reach in their community. that is a program that we are continuing to build. as a backup, depending on how the budget works out, if we do a small rollout, large -- that will determine how many volunteers we need to put out there. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we will continue this to the call of the chair. please read the next item. >> item seven. public comment. supervisor mirkarimi: this is an opportunity to weigh-in where
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you may not otherwise have had a chance to. seeing none, public comment is closed. do i take it that we now have lafco business? we can get this done quickly, i presume. ms. miller? if you could, please read item eight. >> item 8. executive officer's report. >> i was just looking at a possible date for a joint meeting. one of the dates could be in january for a report back on the direction and receipt of this. joint meeting with sfpuc. supervisor mirkarimi: what was the date and time? >> it would be the end of january. we typically need the fourth friday of each month. mr. campbell was looking for sfpuc direction on january 25. supervisor mirkarimi: is that a
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friday? >> it is a friday. the 27th is friday. so the 25th is wednesday. >> i have the 28th as friday. >> i am sorry, i'm looking at the wrong side. in that week potentially. supervisor mirkarimi: we are already months away -- why could we not have a meeting on the second friday, 3rd friday? >> according to the schedule, the interviews would not be conducted until the middle of january. so we would not have much to report. we could report who we are interviewing, but the idea of seeking direction, recommendation from the sfpuc,
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-- we would not have that information by the second week. supervisor mirkarimi: we do not have to nail this down now. i would rather not can see six more weeks before information we thought was going to be shared with us today, should at least be shared with us before january 5. if we can split the difference and have a joint meeting -- we seem to like friday. either on the 14th or 21st, that would be fine. if we can work that out with p c, that would be better. and you are right, we want something substantive to discuss, but we are more concerned and why that has already happened. >> i might also remind commissioner that we already tentatively have five meetings in january scheduled as part of
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our budget process and regular meetings. two regular meetings and three budget meetings scheduled in january. supervisor mirkarimi: commissioner schmeltzer? supervisor schmeltzer: i wanted to point out that the 20 it would not work. supervisor mirkarimi: we will take a look. thank you. appreciate that. anything else from the executive officer's report? any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we will continue that. quick approval of the minutes of lafco, a motion made by commissioner campos -- >> i need to read the item. item nine. approval of the minutes from the november 12, 2010 special meeting. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you.
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seconded by commissioner dufty. without objection. any more public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. before we adjourn, we are at a significant milestone, that i am sad to see happen, but one that is important to recognize. this will be the last joint lafco meeting of hours. supervisor bevan dufty, this is his last meeting. he has been a longtime member of our various government branches. i want to say, commissioner dufty, you have been steadfast in your position to pursue the goals that we have all endeavor toward. we really do appreciate everything you have contributed. your wonderful approach, how you are able to advance the conversation is something that i know has left a lasting imprint
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on us and we will be very sorry to see you not be a part of this, but we know you will be rooting for us on the outside. commissioner dufty? supervisor campos>> on behalf oc utilities commission, i want to 2nd those remarks. supervisor campos: commissioner dufty asked me not to say anything, but i tend to be a troublemaker. thank you for your service, advocacy for ratepayers, pushing for community trawlers aggregation. we will miss you, but we know you will be around. supervisor mirkarimi: very good. if there is no other business, i want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays. see you in the new year. meeting adjourned.
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>> good evening. i am the secretary of the police commission. on behalf of the commission, i want to welcome everyone to the san francisco 2010 medal of
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valor ceremony. please stand and join us for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. mayor newsom was unfortunately unable to attend this evening. he sent his congratulations to the medal of valor recipients. we are joined by commissioner president thomas does it go, dr. joe marshall, commissioner james slaughter, commissioner petra dejesus. we are also joined by chief of police george gascoign.
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also with us are the it assistant chief. this isn't she said of the operation pirro. assistant chief denise schmitt. deputy chief john murphy, enforcement and security at the mta. commander sandra tong of the airport bureau. commander james dudley of the airport operations bureau. commander daniel mahoney, chief of the operations staff. commander daniel lazard, chief of investigations. this is a time when we stop and offer special members of the police department. these are members who have distinguished themselves through their bravery and dangerous situations. it is important to note one of the criteria for the medal of honor this one failed to --
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failure to take such action would lead to center. these are actions above and beyond call of duty. at this time, i would like to invite the chief of police, cheif gascon, to come up here and speak. >> thank you, everyone, for being here. this is a special moment in policing movie get to celebrate the incredible acts of bravery by the men and women in our department. before i say a few words about these incredible men and women sitting in the front, i want to thank their families. your support, day in and day out, or caring, companionship, your ability to talk to your loved ones as they are going through difficult times -- i was
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going to say men and women, but today we have just men. able to get through the incredible things that they see day in and day out, the things that they have to do to accomplish these things well. it is very special for me to honor you. this is a very arduous process. there was a great deal of review looking at your actions. for those of you who earned a medal of valor, or acts of courage were clearly above and beyond what we would expect of someone. you're not only exemplified the best at the san francisco police department can offer, but you offer the best that our profession can offer. i cannot say enough good things about your actions. the rest of you, again, your dollar, courage, -- quite frankly, the line between a gold
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medal of valor and a bronze one is a very thin line. all 11 of you that are here today took incredible steps in order to save lives, in order to protect our community under a difficult situation. i want to congratulate you. you are someone who makes us incredibly proud. will come to this ceremony today, to the families, congratulations. god bless. >> thank you, chief. next, i would like the president of the police commission, thomas mazucco, to say a few words. >> thank you. on behalf of the san francisco police commission, commissioners slaughter, de jesus, and others,
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we want to let you know what an honor it is to stand before you for these awards. for the audience, the police commission, by way of the san francisco general orders, has the authority to audit and review each of the metals you are seeing presented tonight. it is an awesome responsibility but it is also an incredible experience when you sit here and listen to the heroism and valor of these officers, as you do tonight when their commanding officers present what they did. you will hear things about your loved ones and family members that you never left new before. as commission members, we sit there with a lot of pride and a lot. also, we come to the graduation of police academies. for those we come to congratulate, to the promotional
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ceremonies. for the medal of valor, we come to honor. what is valor? you look at the definition. it means personal bravery, heroism, gallantry. that is what each and one of these officers has done, bravery, personal heroism. but before we talk about your dollar, i want to give our appreciation to the people that brought them there, from the academy staff, field training officers. those are the true professionals that prepared these officers for what they do out on the streets. talking to one of the officers receiving a medal tonight, i asked him, what were you thinking about when that went on? he said, i was not thinking, i was reacting to the training that i got in the academy. i would like to think the family members. as the chief said, the family
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members are the ones supporting you, the one that see the good and dark days. they are the ones that will give you to who you are today. thank you to the family members for sharing these heroes with the police department. and to the officers, valor-- --t is that are characteristic to quantify, that brings you to do something that is above and beyond the call of duty, where you are willing to risk your life for the sake of others or for public service. it is an incredible gift. in talking to one of the officers receiving an award tonight, he told me about a suspect with a gun that just killed somebody and he held back from firing his weapon because it would have killed him. he did not want to strike
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anybody nearby. it was a veteran officer who could never tired and gone home. that is belair. that is why we are proud to be at the commission tonight. you are truly san francisco's finest. thank you, on behalf of the commission. [applause] >> both the chief and commission president mention this long review process to become a medal of valor recipient. i want to give you a brief idea of how these acts were reviewed to get us here tonight. when an officer's actions are such that any supervisor take notice of any break, that supervisor officer prepares a report detailing the event. the commanding officer then conducts a personal investigation of the event, and if they approve the nomination,
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it prepares the report to the chief of police. the chief than four or -- forwards these nominations to the office of the police commission. then those are sent off to a screening committee. if the awards screening committee approved the nomination, they send it back to the commission office so the awards committee secretary can set up a meeting. this is a meeting of all of the department's captains and command staff where the nominating commanding officer who presented the nomination, while the officer is sitting there, answering questions about what they were thinking, what they were doing. next, by secret ballot, the awards committee votes on whether to award and what grid of metal. finally, they presented to the police commission for final approval. you should be proud of your family members who are here. this is something that every
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captain looked at before these awards were made. it is a tremendous statement about what these people did to be here tonight that stood up to that kind of betting. -- vetting. at this time, i want to call forward mr. lazard to read the spirits of officer suguitan. >> on saturday generate 23, 2010 at 1721 hours, ms. johnson phoned the police to report that her roommate, mr. smith, was
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suffering from psychological problems, had been drinking, and was taking medication. in her request for the police, this johnson indicated mr. smith was not known to carry weapons and that she wanted vice from officers on how to deal with mr. smith. she needed assistance based on his behavior. officers brodericks suguitan and samuel fung arrived at the scene within four minutes. officer suguitan and fung were met by the woman outside of her porch. officer suguitan observed at the front door of the residence was open and stepped inside. officer suguitan noticed mr. smith and mr. rios, an additional roommate, were standing face to face having a conversation. both men were approximately 7 feet in front of officer suguitan. officer suguitan looked at both
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men and stated, how are you doing, we are here to help. mr. smith and mr. rios both faced officer suguitan. immediately, officer suguitan realized mr. smith's and were behind his back and concealed from officer. officer suguitan directed mr. smith to "show me your hands." instantly, officer suguitan here's what he believes is an item quickly being taken out of a sheaf, and without notice, mr. smith raises a large machete above his head and in close proximity to officer suguitan. officer suguitan, fear for his life, draws his department farm, and that close proximity begins to rapidly backup. mr. smith begins to advance on officer suguitan. of a suguitan continues to back up, but begin to officer fong and mr. johnson in the doorway.
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nor were they aware of it at this moment that their lives were in danger. officer suguitan, fearing for his life and that of his partner, and for ms. johnson, discharged at least two rounds of his firearms that mr. smith and his willful attempt to stop the threat posed by mr. smith. noticing that mr. smith was still advancing, officer suguitan discharged more rounds, mortally wounding him. mr. smith collapsed in the doorway of his residence. officer suguitan and his partner quickly responded to a residence in response to a citizen needing assistance in meeting with your roommate. officer suguitan was in the of the confronted with a life- threatening soup -- a circumstance and his attempt to offer the suspect assistance in dealing with his mental issues. with practically no time to react to the threat to his life, that does his partner, and a citizen requesting assistance, officer suguitaac


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